Tuesday, June 22, 2010

java talk number 001

after reading news about charice pempengco joining glee, hurray -_-', two java peeps got talking about a new project. (sorry in tagalog)

frappucino: juskoooo
frappucino: kelangan na nating ma kontento sa first season ng glee
frappucino: hahaha
frappucino: gawa tayo app
espresso: huhuhu, tae tlaga sila
frappucino: chariceremover
frappucino: hahaha
frappucino: edit yung video para tanggalin si charice tapos palitan na lang ng subtitles hahaha
espresso: hahahaha
frappucino: black screen tapos kung ano lang nangyari nakalagay
frappucino: game?
frappucino: jmf lang 'to
espresso: hahahaha
frappucino: hahahahahhaa
espresso: pede den
frappucino: unang module, charice-detector
frappucino: BWAHAHAHAHA
espresso: hahahahahahaha
frappucino: gawan pa ba natin uml?
frappucino: simple lang naman use case hahahaha
frappucino: basa basa na tayo sa mga video editing using java BWAHAHAHAHA
espresso: hahahaha
espresso: hahaha seryoso ka jan
frappucino: shempre hindi haha
frappucino: pagsasayangan ko ba ng oras si charice
frappucino: hahaha
espresso: hahahaha kaasar tlaga no
frappucino: yer

final word: to each his own. kanya kanyang trip lang sa buhay.

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