Saturday, November 12, 2011

we get additional 500Mb from U Mobile... Yay?... Yay!

WARNING: LARGE WALL OF TEXT, be sure to read last paragraph.

A few days ago, U Mobile suffered that very serious network outage which left users without phone signal or internet for a few hours (during working hours, on a monday). As an apology U Mobile sent each user either free SMS to all networks for 1 day for a  three months and/or additional 500Mb quota every month until January 2012. (see here for more details)

On 11/11/2011, I received an SMS saying they are going to gradually add the 500Mb to all users in the next few moments (google translated only, sorry). This calls for celebration, of course -- who wouldn't welcome additional 500Mb -- right?

But this afternoon I regretted ever being given that 500Mb. As I am now left with 5GB remaining quota and a very slow internet connection.

As I am lazy to type somemore I am copy pasting my email I sent to U Mobile below (along with my observations)
Hi U,

This is for report number 457994.

I already called this in this afternoon but the one from the hotline told me my quota still got ~5GB left in my account and I wasn't throttled. 

I called again a few minutes past 10 PM and the guy created a report. I wanted to add into the report number as I do not feel the phone support captured everything I wanted to say. (Ryan -- the guy was good but I wanted to add my analysis of this slowdown I am encountering)

This afternoon I received 2 SMS on my MB128 account. The first one (by time in the timestamp of the SMS):

Name/Number: Umobile
Time: 2011-11-12 15:37:13
Content: RM0. You have used up data allowance for MB128 activated at //. Your speed will now be reduced. Thank you

Followed by the other 1, a second after (which is weird+)

Name/Number: Umobile
Time: 2011-11-12 15:37:14
Content: RM0.You have 30MB balance in your data allowance for MB128 and speed will be reduced soon. Thank you

And immediately after this SMS my internet slowed down to turtle speed. (Please see attached speedtests done starting with the 0.13/0.30 Mb/s (DL/UL)

Here are my observations:
1. First message did not contain my activation date of Oct. 26 2011 (probably the date is at the part with the '//') 
2. 500Mb additional quota was given to all broadband users for the network outage recently (which forms most part of my theory)
3. The additional quota given to all users do not show up through the 118 service command (only the original quota is seen)
4. I have just downloaded a large file which is more than 500Mb (Apple iPad 5.0.1 update ~ 700Mb) just before (and even while) the SMS came to my number.

The 500Mb additional quota was not added to the user's original quota but rather was added as a separate quota and when the 500Mb was finished, it didn't consider the remaining quota in the original 20GB. The primary reason being there was no activation date in the first SMS. Had there been a date of Oct 26, 2011 there, then the problem would probably be something else.

I do hope you reply to my email. Or reinstate my speed back to normal. And I do hope I help you with these information I have given you.

All the best (and will be anxiously waiting for the resolution of my case.. which is 3 to 5 working days -- damnit).

EDIT: OR... maybe by tomorrow my connection will be OK because some batch job running tonight will reset my quota to the original one. /crossfingers,toes,everything

Received 3 missed calls at 11pm yesterday. Didn't know the numbers. So decided to switch back to U (was using Digi Prepaid Internet while U was not so fast) and test...

happy again :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HOWTO: Change U Mobile Broadband DNS

UPDATE NOVEMBER 23: No longer a U Mobile subscriber so this one is probably outdated info. It won't hurt to try though.

How to change U Mobile DNS (if you're using the dialer that comes with the modem)

1. Go to the U Mobile installation directory (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Umobile Connect Manager)
2. Look for the file NetworkCfg.xml
3. Edit that file to look like this (i'm using Google DNS)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NetworkConfig isNDIS="0" canbeDelete="0" isPreferred="1">
 <ConfigFileName>Umobile Internet(SYSTEM)</ConfigFileName>

<NetworkConfig canbeDelete="0" isPreferred="0">
 <ConfigFileName>Umobile Internet</ConfigFileName>

Basically you edit the following:
AutoGetDNS = 0
MainDNS = or your favorite DNS service
StandbyDNS = or your favorite DNS service

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

nice to see, nice to hold, once broken considered sold

A few weeks back while canvassing for a coin bank, I accidentally broke one and had to buy it.

Meet my PvZ Gargantuan coin bank.

kept it inside the plastic bag for a day or two

ooohhh the box

hullo! there i iz eat ur brainz (the electric pole was the one that broke)

with the imp. too bad the 50 sen coin doesn't fit.

reminds me of someone LOL.


the small hole. LOL.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gadget Freak

I am a gadget freak. Look at the pictures below. These are some of the normal configurations of gadgets in my room.

Unsi (left), with Ipad2 connected to the family back at Los BaƱos

Current config: Office laptop (doing work hahaha as-if), Ipad2, Laundry, Unsi

The point of this post?

No point really.


Friday, September 9, 2011

win a pc game (habis)

As I announced a few hours ago at another post:, here are the details on how to win a free pc game (the one I won from Maybank's game).


It's very simple, beg. look at the Facebook comments section on this blog post and put in a comment with the following format:

EDIT: For some reason the facebook comment section does not appear unless you click this link:

1. Which game from Big Fish games are you excited to own and play?
2. If I win, I will "Pay it Forward" by doing __________________


I will write down all the names of the people who leave a comment in the Facebook comment box and then draw lots. (Oh, the simplicity)

Winner will be announced in a new blog post by September 10, 2011 00:00H GMT+8 and will be contacted via a message in Facebook.

UPDATE: If nobody leaves a message, then the game code will sit in my email for eternity. Tee hee hee hee

UPDATE: Anyone want? Anyone? *crickets* If anyone wants the PC Game, just leave a message  anywhere in this blog post or send and email to contact at estelito dat com or tweet me @baliwesti

UPDATE: Free PC Game is no more. hahahaha

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pc game give-away/contest announcement

Our names are forever etched in the Trophy Room.
UPDATE: Mechanics are here:

Yesterday, I won something from the Hatch The Egg application of Maybank in Facebook. It's a fun and simple game for the Save & Win campaign of the bank. It's a game of pure luck (and making events in your calendar to remind you of the egg hatching times - LOL)

Technically my friend won since I cannot win the prize without sending it to another Facebook friend but my friend sent it back to me this morning (says she's busy with The Sims Social).

It's a PC Game coupon from Big Fish Games.

However, when I scanned the whole list of games from Big Fish but couldn't find any games to my liking -- so instead I would like to give it to other people who may want one from the list.

The coupon is valid for a Standard version of any game in Big Fish, so while I think of how to proceed with this give-away, go look for any of the games which you may like to play.

Do check back tonight at 12:00 Midnight for the details. (I hope I don't eat this deadline for midnight snack -- lol)

Oh and btw, Maybank recommends the game Supercow.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

to our dear pocca

last night, i passed by carrefour after watching a movie at midvalley megamall.

i wanted to  buy some dentastix for all of you because i know you guys wanted it.

but alas, i didn't find any.

that meant i won't be bringing home dentastix next week friday, when i go back home.

next friday i will be going home, you won't be there anymore.

you won't be by the door, crawling your way to try and open it.

only poopoo, kulit, pazza and tuldok will be there.

how i wish i could have done the same thing as previous years and go home during my birthday week itself.

then maybe, just maybe i could have said one last goodbye to you.

HOWTO: Renew Your Philippine Passport (Kuala Lumpur)


my passport with the receipts and oec
Yesterday was a Public Holiday in Selangor, and to make the most of the holiday I made a couple of trips the whole day around KL to prepare for my trip back home in a couple of weeks.

First agenda and subject of this post is the renewal of my passport which expires sometime in February 2012.

It is my fervent wish that this guide makes your life a little easier if you're in the same situation as me. 

- NOTE For those who just got married here in KL -

A reader sent in this tip for those who just got married here in KL and wish to do passport renewal, you'd need to do a couple of prerequisites before you can renew your passport. (sucks, but this is how the Philippine Government works for now)

If you have just married and plan to apply for a new passport at the Philippine embassy for your Philippine spouse, beware that you must first "register" your marriage with the embassy.  You are supposed to do that anyway within 30 days of your marriage. To do this you will need:

The original plus 4 copies of the Malaysian marriage certificate. This must be "authenticated" by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign affairs (after the marriage.)  So bring your marriage certificate to the Ministry and expect to spend 40 RM and waste a morning to get it done. If you just got married then you already know where this place is.

4 copies of you and your spouses passport (or IC card if you are a Malaysian.)  I think just the first page is okay and a copy of any work permit, multiple entry visas, or residence permit pages within the passport.  Also, your last departure and re entry pages in the passport.

4 passport photos EACH, color with blue background.

4 copies of "legal capacity to contract marriage" if you had to get that form in order to get married. Example - you are under 25 years old.

96.25 RM Payment.

You will then have to fill out a form, "Report of marriage."  Perhaps you can find one on the internet so you can do it before you arrive. Here is a link we found as of this date.

Fill it out, make three copies and do original signatures on all four copies.

After you have submitted all this paperwork and paid the fee, you can then file for the passport renewal.  Good Luck and be patient!

-- Thanks for the tip(which took too long for me to add), you know who you are.

- The Requirements - 

Prior to making the trip to the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur make sure you have the following with you:

  1. ePassport Form, download it here.
  2. Your Passport.
  3. Cash for ePassport fee (231 MYR)
  4. Photocopy of the first page of your passport
  5. Photocopy of the page where the visa / working permit is stamped
  6. (OPTIONAL) Photocopy of your employment contract, if employed
    (OPTIONAL+ to have the employment contract notarized by a Malaysian Notary Public)
Now that you have all the requirements, you can allot half a day for the whole process and do take note of the following:

Embassy hours: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
Attire: No slippers, sandos or shorts.

Also, it would be wise to look your best (no eyebags, no zits, hair spray, hair net) on the day you decide to have your passport renewed, as you will be photographed once you're done with payment. Don't wear any earrings or jewelry though as the operator asked me to remove them if I had them on me.

-The Process-

Make your way to the embassy. Directions are here.

NOV 9, 2012 UPDATE: The embassy layout might be different than when I wrote this guide, there is now air conditioning in the waiting area and I think the counter now reads ePassport or something. And I think the passport room is in Counter 6 (where they get your picture taken, etc.)

JANUARY 8, 2013 UPDATE: Kindly don't forget to read up on the official website of the Philippine Embassy in KL with regards to passport renewal here.

Also, the embassy's official Facebook page is PhlEmbassyKL.

Once at the gate of the embassy, wait a few minutes for other people who haven't memorized their passport numbers or their phone numbers fumble.

It's your turn to fill up the logbook -- Hurray! Start with your (1) Name (2) Full Address (3) Phone Number (4) Passport Number (5) What's your purpose in life going to the embassy (6) Time In

And please note the last column is not a signature column, but rather a "time out" column which you are not expected to fill up after you leave.

Open the steel gate, take out your wallet and bring out any photo id you can find inside your wallet -- give this to the security guard, he will give you a "Visitor" Id.

If you were looking at one of the signs while waiting for  slowpokes who were filling up the logbook, you'll see that they want you to pin the "Visitor" Id on your chest area -- not on the sleeves nor the lower part of your shirt. For me, I pinned it on my collar.

Go down into the driveway into the place where there are lots of chairs and people waiting, then look for the counter for "Passport". For those who are lazy to read, if you are facing the chairs, it's the group of windows on your left -- 3rd from the left. ( Receiving/Releasing | Visa, etc. | Passport, etc. | Empty window with no sign)

Give all the required documents to the person by the window (ang babae/lalake sa bintana) or wait for the person to appear.

If there is no problem with your documents, they'll point you to the cashier window which is a few steps to the right. 

Say goodbye to your 231 RM and give it to the cashier, who will staple all your documents and give you a small piece of paper that you must not lose no matter what

Then make your way to the ePassport room, wait for your turn/number (it's scribbled on top of your documents, something like AM/PM 999,999,999). If there's no queue  by the door, don't be so happy as there may be a couple of people before you sitting by the chairs waiting for their turn.

There will be nobody calling out numbers, but best to look for the number after you then make friends with him/her and tell him/her that you are number 999,999,999 and he/she is 1,000,000,000 so you are in front of him/her.

Once inside the room, there's another chair where you can put your belongings. Give the documents to the operator of the computer. While He/She types a few things, make sure your hair and face is all pweetty and nice because in a few minutes he/she will then take a photo of you using a Canon digital camera .

After the photo session, right thumb into the biometric scanner followed by left thumb then signature on the small rectangular thingie with some pen attached to it (NOTE: do not use the ball-pen that's near you to write on the rectangular thingie)

He/She then prints a sheet of paper, containing all your info with your picture and signature -- verify everything is correct then sign again at the lower right corner (NOTE: pretend you read the thing that is usually printed before the signature field).

He/She returns your passport with the 2 receipts stapled to it and instructs you to call the embassy in 2 months. Get your things from the other chair and leave after saying "Thank You" to the embassy personnel.

Hope this very long "HOWTO" helps you. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

lazy sunday

The term lazy suddenly crept up to me again (blogging, getting out of bed, etc). The culprit: P1's (my ISP) awesome speed of 128kbps dl after exceeding your fair usage cap.

So here's a couple of links to entertain all of us feeling lazy this Sunday.

1. MCMC starts blocking File Sharing Sites - started last may 30, but workarounds are out there. Google it! Nothing us foreigners here in Malaysia can do but to silently wish someone with enough sense knock 'em to those guys at MCMC (yeah reported a couple of spammers to MCMC, yet they seem to not stop spamming still)

2. What Did The Government Personal Do In Their Office? Watching Porn? - probably the author meant "personnel". Here's what kept me up last night, googling the hacking group lulzsec and reading about their exploits and stuff. Also kept me looking at the long list of email addresses from the member database of (a porn site). Best catch of the night? Finding a (Philippine Independent Church) parish priest's email address in the list. Nope, he's not from Laoag. And his email doesn't start with the usual acronym for "Father" nor is his email from a .ph domain.

Anyone know of any unsecured wifi I can leech? This speed sucks. I betcha the head honcho of P1 probably hasn't tried the throttled speed they're offering out there. Sucks. Big Time.

In other news, I subscribed to Yes 4G as a replacement for my Digi Smart Plan Lite. Hope it doesn't disappoint. If Yes was able to match P1's price, I'd transfer 100% of my broadband to them.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

pepsi pinas

Before I get to the one question I've been having after seeing this advertisement (as I am not in the Philippines to experience it) -- I just wanna say whoever created this one deserves a very nice pat on the back.

Earlier, while viewing this vid on my phone while riding the Star LRT to Masjid Jamek this video had me snorting a bit while laughing during the "ugly" part. Oh and cricket sounds on the "rice" part. Epic.

I smell a viral video coming up.

Now, what does this Pepsi Pinas taste like? Seeing the blue color of the drink I cannot help compare it with the Ice Cream flavor soda of F&N here in Malaysia. Someone buy me one and keep it in the fridge until I return on August, please!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

gaya street

This is a photograph I took while we were roaming the city of Kota Kinabalu last February 2011. It was a Sunday but the Gaya Street Fair had gone and left. I particularly liked how the picture turned out, with my two models in the center and the composition of the photograph.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

good morning, kuala lumpur

Early morning view in Kuala Lumpur, February 22, 2011

One of my favorite pastimes is looking out my window, observing the city from my vantage point. On this particular morning, the combination of the street lights below, the peeking sun, the twin towers and the clouds was just perfect.

I was debating with myself whether to put a watermark on the picture or just leave it be -- and the latter won. As for those who want to reuse the above image, kindly do so as you wish just don't claim it as your own and link to this blog post is all I ask. If you need a higher resolution picture, you may send an email to

*Oh, and I can't seem to fix that weird issue with the margins of the picture in this post at all.

me and the stop sign

This is another test post. I should be fixing my maven repo instead of doing this. LOL.

petronas towers

This is a test post. /bow

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

for the nth time

I'm starting to blog again.

About what? Check the "about" page in my blog.

In other news: it's May 31 today, and that means it's 31% off at all Baskin-Robbins stores in Malaysia.

Not that I'm going to buy me some ice cream or anything later though.