Sunday, June 12, 2011

lazy sunday

The term lazy suddenly crept up to me again (blogging, getting out of bed, etc). The culprit: P1's (my ISP) awesome speed of 128kbps dl after exceeding your fair usage cap.

So here's a couple of links to entertain all of us feeling lazy this Sunday.

1. MCMC starts blocking File Sharing Sites - started last may 30, but workarounds are out there. Google it! Nothing us foreigners here in Malaysia can do but to silently wish someone with enough sense knock 'em to those guys at MCMC (yeah reported a couple of spammers to MCMC, yet they seem to not stop spamming still)

2. What Did The Government Personal Do In Their Office? Watching Porn? - probably the author meant "personnel". Here's what kept me up last night, googling the hacking group lulzsec and reading about their exploits and stuff. Also kept me looking at the long list of email addresses from the member database of (a porn site). Best catch of the night? Finding a (Philippine Independent Church) parish priest's email address in the list. Nope, he's not from Laoag. And his email doesn't start with the usual acronym for "Father" nor is his email from a .ph domain.

Anyone know of any unsecured wifi I can leech? This speed sucks. I betcha the head honcho of P1 probably hasn't tried the throttled speed they're offering out there. Sucks. Big Time.

In other news, I subscribed to Yes 4G as a replacement for my Digi Smart Plan Lite. Hope it doesn't disappoint. If Yes was able to match P1's price, I'd transfer 100% of my broadband to them.

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