Wednesday, September 28, 2011

nice to see, nice to hold, once broken considered sold

A few weeks back while canvassing for a coin bank, I accidentally broke one and had to buy it.

Meet my PvZ Gargantuan coin bank.

kept it inside the plastic bag for a day or two

ooohhh the box

hullo! there i iz eat ur brainz (the electric pole was the one that broke)

with the imp. too bad the 50 sen coin doesn't fit.

reminds me of someone LOL.


the small hole. LOL.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gadget Freak

I am a gadget freak. Look at the pictures below. These are some of the normal configurations of gadgets in my room.

Unsi (left), with Ipad2 connected to the family back at Los BaƱos

Current config: Office laptop (doing work hahaha as-if), Ipad2, Laundry, Unsi

The point of this post?

No point really.


Friday, September 9, 2011

win a pc game (habis)

As I announced a few hours ago at another post:, here are the details on how to win a free pc game (the one I won from Maybank's game).


It's very simple, beg. look at the Facebook comments section on this blog post and put in a comment with the following format:

EDIT: For some reason the facebook comment section does not appear unless you click this link:

1. Which game from Big Fish games are you excited to own and play?
2. If I win, I will "Pay it Forward" by doing __________________


I will write down all the names of the people who leave a comment in the Facebook comment box and then draw lots. (Oh, the simplicity)

Winner will be announced in a new blog post by September 10, 2011 00:00H GMT+8 and will be contacted via a message in Facebook.

UPDATE: If nobody leaves a message, then the game code will sit in my email for eternity. Tee hee hee hee

UPDATE: Anyone want? Anyone? *crickets* If anyone wants the PC Game, just leave a message  anywhere in this blog post or send and email to contact at estelito dat com or tweet me @baliwesti

UPDATE: Free PC Game is no more. hahahaha

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pc game give-away/contest announcement

Our names are forever etched in the Trophy Room.
UPDATE: Mechanics are here:

Yesterday, I won something from the Hatch The Egg application of Maybank in Facebook. It's a fun and simple game for the Save & Win campaign of the bank. It's a game of pure luck (and making events in your calendar to remind you of the egg hatching times - LOL)

Technically my friend won since I cannot win the prize without sending it to another Facebook friend but my friend sent it back to me this morning (says she's busy with The Sims Social).

It's a PC Game coupon from Big Fish Games.

However, when I scanned the whole list of games from Big Fish but couldn't find any games to my liking -- so instead I would like to give it to other people who may want one from the list.

The coupon is valid for a Standard version of any game in Big Fish, so while I think of how to proceed with this give-away, go look for any of the games which you may like to play.

Do check back tonight at 12:00 Midnight for the details. (I hope I don't eat this deadline for midnight snack -- lol)

Oh and btw, Maybank recommends the game Supercow.