Thursday, September 8, 2011

pc game give-away/contest announcement

Our names are forever etched in the Trophy Room.
UPDATE: Mechanics are here:

Yesterday, I won something from the Hatch The Egg application of Maybank in Facebook. It's a fun and simple game for the Save & Win campaign of the bank. It's a game of pure luck (and making events in your calendar to remind you of the egg hatching times - LOL)

Technically my friend won since I cannot win the prize without sending it to another Facebook friend but my friend sent it back to me this morning (says she's busy with The Sims Social).

It's a PC Game coupon from Big Fish Games.

However, when I scanned the whole list of games from Big Fish but couldn't find any games to my liking -- so instead I would like to give it to other people who may want one from the list.

The coupon is valid for a Standard version of any game in Big Fish, so while I think of how to proceed with this give-away, go look for any of the games which you may like to play.

Do check back tonight at 12:00 Midnight for the details. (I hope I don't eat this deadline for midnight snack -- lol)

Oh and btw, Maybank recommends the game Supercow.

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