Saturday, June 12, 2010

public Estelito(int numberOfBlogs)

just finished reading the first post on my just now past blog ( and was it freaky that I just did the same thing with my “about” page but with pictures. =0
taken some years back during a batch reunion at some bar in elbi
You may be unfamiliar with the post title, which i took from constructors in Java.
Time again for another separate blog, because my previous blog which was in is about to have the domain related add-on expire.
To paraphrase a bit, the redirection to the URL will no longer work. It will cost me another 10$ to have it renewed so rather than renew it, I just opted to switch to Blogger once again because that feature is provided for free – thus you are seeing
On June 17,  the URL will then be redirected to this blog.
Until then, while I’m pondering on posting a whole plethora of things, you may check out my interactions in twitter *points at sidebar* or go to my contact page to find ways to stalkcontact me.

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