Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it's about time


just received my collector's edition (CE) box of Starcraft 2 and I wasn't supposed to open it but curious me prevailed.

here are some quick thoughts:

1. the jim raynor usb dog tag is pretty impressive! it's heavy (you'd be a bit crazy to put it on your neck)
2. there are 2 SC2 and 2 WoW guest passes. the SC2 guest pass is good for 7 hours of gameplay or 14 days (whichever comes first) and the WoW guest pass is the usual 10 days.
3. the art book looks nice
4. the included comics (which was discontinued) looks like a pamphlet.
5. the box is cool.

also included in my CE box was the t-shirt (wouldn't want to be caught wet in those t-shirts as the fabric is too thin) with the SC2 logo in the front and some insignia at the back. and the 1337 dog tag (1337 = leet = elite) which I am now wearing under my polo haha.

i can't wait to go home now. 4 hours!

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